A line of designs inspired by Eastern Asian aesthetics and mythology meets the TommyPop brand in a modern way. Whether you're looking for some home furnishings, or just little tool to help you with some buds, the ImperialPop item line is here to help you!


Asian mythology corporealized 

With these items, you can fully start to rep the TommyPop franchise in whatever way you see fit. Throw a sticker on a water bottle, or a hat on your head. Wherever you are, you'll find yourself being asked "Who is that?" and then having the amazing honor of awkwardly describing me to them!


The man, the myth, the tired: Tommy.

The Misc. Collection is exactly what it sounds like. Off shoot projects and one time illustrations with no proper collection to go too. Shop through these miscellaneous designs and find the perfect one to add to your life!


These don't go together. Enjoy them for what they are.

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